Fiction Fighters KO'ed Into Shutdown

By Michael Jamias
fiction fighters shutdown

Fiction Fighters, a card battle game from developer-publisher CipSoft, has announced that it will be shut down “with immediate effect” just a couple of weeks after launching into beta.

The browser mmo which lets players battle each other in turn-based card battle combat, entered into beta stage last August 6. But poor fan reception and feedback did it in, giving the makers little reason to keep it running.

“We used the beta stage to test both the technical and conceptional aspects of Fiction Fighters. Technically we were actually overperforming. However at the end of the day, the gaming industry leaves you no choice than to answer one simple question: ‘Is it fun?’ We only drew the consequences from the answer to this question our players gave us,” said Stephan Vogler, Managing Director of CipSoft, in a release announcing the game’s shutdown over the weekend.

Despite the cited problems, some fans expressed confusion at how quickly the game was dismissed. “It’s a bit odd after so many years of secret development, months of closed beta and weeks of open [beta] you just shut it down like this, but I guess you have your reasons and consider this the right decision,” said user Lee kun at the official forums for the now-shuttered browser mmo.

CipSoft will continue to operate its other MMORPG, the long-running Tibia, which has been online since 1997.


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