Feudon punished bug abusers who stole gift cards, prestige currency

By Michael Jamias
feudon punished bug abusers

Feudon developers slapped level rollbacks and even permabans to those who took advantage of a bug to get way ahead in the MMO.

The leak, which enabled opportunistic Feudon fans to acquire illegal virtual property, has already been fixed. But the Feudon team decided that it wanted to make an example of the abusers to possibly deter future abuse should similar bugs arise.

“Recently some players have been taking advantage of the leak of the game system to grab plenty of Gift Cards and collect up to 900,000 Prestige, which severely disturbs the gaming environment, undermines the fairness and impartiality of the game and harms the rights and interests of other players,” explained the Feudon team.

“We hereby declare that anyone who uses improper means and affects the fairness of the game will assuredly be punished… Punishments like illegal incomes being deleted and characters being leveled down or banned (possibly forever) will be imposed on those who are caught committing illegal behaviors again after this statement is made,” the team added.

Even though Feudon is a free no download mmorpg it does not mean that players can do as they please in it, said the team: “We appeal to all players to safeguard the order within the game and reject any form of illegal playing.”


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