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Feudon Gameplay First Look - HD

Feudon Gameplay First Look - HD

Feudon is a strategy browser MMO developed and published by ClapAlong. Feudon is set in ancient Rome. Players take the role of Roman soldiers returning home after many years of military campaigns. Your family is accused with murder and treason so you must find a way to clear your name. This is how the Feudon adventure starts. Feudon has 3 important families (or factions). Players can join the family of their choice after completing a Feudon quest. Scipii family is known for a long line of generals and military commanders. Julii family owns estates and lands. Members of this family are respected among the common folk. The Brutii family founded the republic. They have conservative views and principles.

When starting Feudon for the first time, players are guided through a quick 10 minutes tutorial. Combat, buildings, heroes and upgrading are covered in this short tutorial. Feudon has a turn based combat system. Heroes must be hired to lead troops in battle. The Armory is the place where players equip their heroes with weapons, armors, shields, accessories and mounts. Each equipped item makes Feudon heroes more combat efficient. There are 4 categories of Feudon heroes: engine, support, tactical and rage skills. Each type of hero has specific troops with different functions. Leadership, intelligence and bravery are Feudon heroes characteristics. These stats affect troops behavior in battle. They can be increased by using a special type of Feudon training called adventure. There are 5 types of Feudon MMORTS troops: cavalry, infantry, support, tactic and distal. When in combat, each unit can perform one of the 4 available actions: critical hit, counterattack, block or miss. When joining a family, players become enemies with members of the other 2 families. Prestige is a Feudon PvP reward obtained from PvP fights.

A Feudon city has different types of buildings. Senatus is one of the most important buildings in your city. It’s an administrative building and affects the other building's level. Heroes train in Feudon Arena. University is the place where superior combat strategies are learned. Crops can be sold for money at the Market. The Vomitorium and the Bathhouse are also trading facilities. The more Cottages you have, the more citizens your Feudon town will support. The more citizens, the more taxes you’ll collect. The Scriptorium increases your tax income. The Colosseum is for keeping citizens happy and entertained. Troops for your army are recruited from the Barracks. Feudon has a feature that automatically performs some actions (building upgrades, harvesting and selling crops, etc.) This feature is called housekeeper. Feudon MMO has 4 seasons. Each season brings a bonus like increased resource production. VIP features allow Feudon players to get advantages in exchange for real cash.

By Rachel Rosen


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