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  • Farmerama: harvest

    Farmerama: harvest
    Harvest your plants when they are ready....
    Farmerama: harvest

    Farmerama: plant

    Farmerama: plant
    Keep those fields full. Plants new seeds whenever you have room....
    Farmerama: plant

    Farmerama: water

    Farmerama: water
    Watering and fertalizing will speed up your plants....
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    Farmerama: buy
    Buy new seeds to keep yourself stocked up....
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Farmerama was released in October 2009 and is published  by the popular browser games developer, Bigpoint. Farmerama has been compared Facebook's Farmville. It is available in over 30 different languages and has an estimated player base of 30 million registered accounts.

Farmerama can be played on any PC that can connect to the internet and is compatible with the majority of modern internet browsers. The game takes a very casual approach, meaning players can play for short bursts and still progress nicely. As with most farming simulator games, players can choose to specialize in many areas of farming including crops, trees and animals.

Players begin with their very own farm consisting of a Farmhouse, Barn, Mill, Water Tower, and a nice pile of manure to use as fertilizer. The general idea of the game is to collect enough resources to be able to fulfill orders. NPC characters will occasionally visit your farmhouse and make orders for various goods, ranging from wheat and grain to cows and chickens. The more orders you're able to fulfill, the more rewards and cash you can earn.

The animal farming is one of the largest aspects of the game, featuring over 14 different animals to raise and care for. Each animal is totally unique and requires different items to grow and offers different rewards for raising. Players must learn what food each animal needs, they do this by mixing 2 different plants in the mill. Not all plants are available at the start so you have to choose the animals carefully.

Planting crops is another way to progress through the game, crops are used for many things including feeding animals and completing NPC orders. Crops need to be tended as weeds can grow around them, eventually destroying them if not removed. Farmerama players must remove these at regular intervals or purchase the premium pack to unlock a Lookout Tower that removes the weeds for you.

By Rachel Rosen

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