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  • Fantasyrama: plants

    Fantasyrama: plants
    Remember to add new plants to unused spaces in your grove....
    Fantasyrama: plants

    Fantasyrama: water

    Fantasyrama: water
    You need to water and fertilize plants. Never forget this step!...
    Fantasyrama: water

    Fantasyrama: bazaar

    Fantasyrama: bazaar
    Head to the bazaar to buy more seeds and new plants....
    Fantasyrama: bazaar

    Fantasyrama: progress

    Fantasyrama: progress
    As you progress through Fantasyrama, you will use more and more land. You can grow plants and even trees!...
    Fantasyrama: progress

FantasyRama is a gardening browser MMO, developed and published by BigPoint. FantasyRama is similar to Farmerama, another BigPoint title. As the name suggests, FantasyRama players will step into a magical world and tend to their gardens. FantasyRama has 2D graphics but they're absolutely superb. When starting FantasyRama for the first time, players will be assisted by fairies with a few tasks. The basic FantasyRama operations are planting and harvesting. Each time players perform such actions they are rewarded with XP and other goods.

It's easy for new players to get used to FantasyRama mechanics. A starting garden is a blank canvas. FantasyRama shop is the place where players can buy new seeds, trees and creatures. Once you have acquired something, it can be accessed from your inventory. Flowers or other flora need to be planted on a gardening bed. Various bed sizes are available. A plant's growth time can be decreased. Plants can be watered, fertilized with magical ambrosia or sprinkled with pixie dust to make them grow faster. Ambrosia is collected from the ambrosia flower. The eternal spring produces water. Besides plants, a FantasyRama garden is a great habitat for trees and all sorts of creatures. If you take good care of your creatures, they will breed. The mill is the place that produces food for your FantasyRama creatures. The cellar is the storage place for all FantasyRama harvested goods. Plants and fruits can be sold for star points (FantasyRama money). For a certain fee, pixie NPCs will help you take care of your garden. You can redecorate a garden by changing location and position of flora and fauna. A FantasyRama garden is more beautiful if it has decorations. The FantasyRama shop sells all kinds of decorative items. The crystal vault is FantasyRama premium store where special goods can be acquired in exchange for lunar crystals. Premium items speed up your garden development. Some decorations are purchased only with premium currency. FantasyRama is not exactly one of the competitive browser games so players will do just fine even as free members.

FantasyRama world can be explored using the navigation stone. By traveling to Fantasia city, players can trade goods with other FantasyRama players via the auction house. All sorts of FantasyRama events can be accessed here. News and mail box are available in Fantasia. Being a MMO, FantasyRama allows player interaction. You can add your friends as neighbors and enjoy several advantages. Occasionally pixies will require you to send them various goods. Fulfilling their order, rewards players with XP and star points. FantasyRama doesn't have offensive combat scenes or the usual display of violence we see in most video games. This makes FantasyRama a game suitable for kids.

By Rachel Rosen

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