Fallen Sword concocts a potion composing feature

By Michael Jamias
fallen sword potion composing

If you've ever wanted to attend Hogwarts, specifically Potions class, then head on over to Fallen Sword.

No, you won't rub elbows with the bumbling Ron or brilliant Hermione, but Fallen Sword's potion composing feature simulates that satisfying experience of concocting potions -- and even getting the privilege of naming them.

"Think Harry Potter, only without Snape breathing over your shoulder... Our community is already having fun with the feature, naming their potions everything from 'Triple XP - Gameshark' to 'Epic Glass of Whine' … served in a wine glass, of course. Classy," said Hunted Cow of the potions already making the rounds in the free no download mmorpg.

Brewers can select from 10 bottle designs and 50 colors for their potions -- and that's just for the look of the potions. For the actual potion contents and effects, players can mix and match up to five skills also known in-game as buffs, and set the potion duration from 30 minutes to a maximum of five hours.

The potions can be shared with fellow MMO guildmates or chugged down by their creators before embarking on solo adventures.

Potion ingredients can be obtained by breaking down items into fragments or purchasing them with gold. But potion composing can be quite the grind. Players will need to create a lot of lesser potions to raise their potion composing skill up to level 50 cap, with higher levels unlocking new skills.


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