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  • Evony: city map

    Evony: city map
    The city map is split in two parts, town and city maps, in town you can build mostly adminstrational building while our it you bui...
    Evony: city map

    Evony: map

    Evony: map
    Map shows you your city and focus and other cities around you with abilitiy to check their owners and their prestige....
    Evony: map

    Evony: items

    Evony: items
    Items are acquired by finishing quests or using wheel of fortune....
    Evony: items

    Evony: inn

    Evony: inn
    Getting a hero requires you to make a inn. Once your hero is made you can appoint him on different tasks....
    Evony: inn

Evony is arguably one of the most popular browser based RTS titles released in the last 5 years and is published by the self titled corporation, Evony. This free no download mmorpg enjoyed one of the largest advertising campaigns in history for a browser based title, popping up on practically every gaming and non-gaming related website on the internet. Thanks to this, Evony has one of the highest player population counts and has had to open multiple servers to support such a large player base.

Evony uses a great new player tutorial to teach the basics, and it's also voiced so players get the full amount of information without the need of reading through endless boxes of text. The user interface (UI) is also very approachable, designed colorfully and allows players to access practically any screen in the game within 1 click.

The game works in a similar way to other RTS titles, players must build resource buildings and collect enough resources to expand their city and army. Evony consists of 4 resources, food, wood, stone and iron. Each resource can be used in multiple construction projects so players will want to stock up on the areas that most appeal to them, such as stockpiling stone to work on your defenses.

Players are not restricted to one city, they can build and own many. Players with more cities are able to gather more resources, create larger armies and pose a bigger threat to enemies. Many players choose to join an alliance for safety, there's also a fair amount of political banter exchanged as alliances create allies and make enemies.

There are hundreds of quests in Evony, divided into 3 categories, Routine, Hero and Commission. Each quest type offers different rewards and must be completed in different ways. Players in Evony do not have to have access to a particular quest in order to build the required buildings, they're free to construct what they like, where they like and they'll still be rewarded later in the game.

By Rachel Rosen

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