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  • Evil Genius Online: dungeon

    Evil Genius Online: dungeon
    Evil Geniuses is a dungeon keeper style game. Set tasks for minions, upgrade your lair, or even take matters into your own hands....
    Evil Genius Online: dungeon

    Evil Genius Online: buildings

    Evil Genius Online: buildings
    Build buildings to give bonuses to your secret lair. The money launderer will occasionally give players extra gold....
    Evil Genius Online: buildings

    Evil Genius Online: set

    Evil Genius Online: set
    Set different parts of your lair as different styles of room. The barracks can house lockers which allows players to recruit new m...
    Evil Genius Online: set

    Evil Genius Online: lairs

    Evil Genius Online: lairs
    Visit other players' lairs. You can just 'Ooo... ahhh' at their creations. Or maybe click on items to cause a bit of mischeif. Or ...
    Evil Genius Online: lairs

Evil Genius Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Evil Genius Online Gameplay First Look - HD

Seek to dominate the world from your secret lair in Evil Genius Online, the free browser mmo developed by Rebellion Developments. Players take on the role of an evil genius bent on creating mayhem and mischief while growing his own evil empire. Gamers will hatch diabolical schemes and amass an army of loyal minions that will carry out every one of his evil whims.

Like other strategy rts games, Evil Genius Online is focused on base building. The central feature of this game is the player's lair of operations, which started out originally as an abandoned missile silo. Now under new management, this locale serves as the hub of your evil empire. Players will excavate surrounding areas to create new rooms, such as barracks, mess halls, chemical labs, and inner sanctums. To gain the most use of these rooms, players will buy and build various pieces of equipment. These items can range from a lowly money laundering device all the way up to super computers. Every item has their own unique function such as stealing data or hacking into the records of politicians or celebrities. All pieces of equipment are upgradable and thus become more efficient. The level of upgrade is tied to your command centre console, from which you'll carry out your most diabolical schemes such as hacking the internet or causing mayhem by causing a city-wide blackout.

For your every evil deed, you'll need a minion to carry out the various tasks of building items, performing operations, and gathering resources. The number of minions available is determined by the size of your barracks and lockers available. Every minion has their  own characteristics in Evil Genius Online and can become mutinous. Fortunately for you, and unfortunately for them, you can show them you're in charge by executing them if need be.

What sets Evil Genius Online apart from other browser games is the sly black humor mixed in with moddish spy movie nostalgia. The look of the game and its music are reminiscent of 1960s spy movies such as James Bond or the more recent Austin Powers trilogy. You can freely interact with other players by adding them to your syndicate. As part of your syndicate, you can ask them for help in attaining your goals, but because you're all evil, you can also cause mayhem for them as well. You can send spies to their lairs and foul up their plans to gain rewards. Of course, the same can be done to you, so it would behoove you to have some adequate security measures installed such as sliding doors and sentry guns.

You've been the hero in countless other games, so why not choose to be on the evil side for once? Build a lair, hatch pernicious schemes, and grab for power in Evil Genius Online. The ultimate reward could be global domination for you and your sinister organization.

By Jeff Francis


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