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  • Europe 1400: market

    Europe 1400: market
    Visit the market to buy and sell supplies....
    Europe 1400: market

    Europe 1400: build

    Europe 1400: build
    You can or upgrade buildings at the City Hall. It takes time and costs gold and diamonds....
    Europe 1400: build

    Europe 1400: city

    Europe 1400: city
    The city map shows all of the different areas you can visit throughout the game....
    Europe 1400: city

    Europe 1400: mission

    Europe 1400: mission
    Remember to complete missions. They will give you gold and other rewards. Some missions cost diamonds to start....
    Europe 1400: mission

Europe 1400 is a browser mmo with a medieval theme, it is published by Gameforge. Europe 1400 online is based on the popular PC title, Europe 1400, also known as The Guild. Players start Europe 1400 as simple citizens living in a simple cottage. There are 3 options. Players can become craftsmen like carpenters or blacksmiths. The crafted items can be sold for a profit. The other option is to become a merchant. As merchants in Europe 1400, players have to acquire goods and sell them. The third option is to steal items and sell them fast before someone is on to you. Workshops that produce resources can be owned. There are various ways to acquire goods. Players can take the honest way or even use questionable methods. Europe 1400 has some interesting features that diversify the play style.

The goal in Europe 1400 is to advance, build an economic empire and a political career. As players progress, they can expand and improve their homes. One you have a bigger house, players can consider getting married and starting a family. The focus in Europe 1400 is on trade goods. Players can trade resources or special items. These can be bought and sold at the marketplace. Trading goods with other players is done via the warehouse. As one can guess, the secret is to buy low and sell high. When players gain enough wealth and make a name among merchants, a political career is the next step. There are 3 offices players can choose from. They can take the secular offices, church offices or shadow offices. Each office has different ranks. The highest rank in the secular office is mayor. Mayors have immunity. They also can arrest or protect citizens. There are several benefits from becoming a politician. Players can bend the law in their favor. Taking care of competition is much easier when one has influence. Europe 1400 browser mmo has some sort of punishment system for those who use fishy methods. At least, for those who get caught. Players might end up in dungeon but there are ways to get out of there.

Europe 1400 mmo has a nice visual aspect. The graphics aren't too advanced but the art style sets the players in the right atmosphere. Towns, houses, inns or any other buildings have the right medieval look. Europe 1400 has a day/night cycle and weather changes. Europe 1400 is a game that has a bit of everything. It has rpg aspects. Players get to make choices and develop a unique character. The complex economic system brings some business simulator characteristics. Like most free browser games, Europe 1400 has premium features.

By Rachel Rosen

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