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    Eredan: enemies
    Your heroes attack enemies. Your attack power minus their armor is the damage you do. Their attack minus your armor is the damage ...
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    Eredan: cards
    Spells, gear, and other card effects are played to modify your attack, armor, and other aspects of combat. Chain cards let you use...
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Eredan is a free no download MMORPG joining the ever expanding genre of the Tactical Card Game (TCG). Eredan uses various in-depth mechanics to make it one of the most strategical TCG games available on the internet. Eredan is published and developed by Feerik, and was released in April 2010. Since then over 2 million accounts have been created and 25 million battles have been fought

As you would expect with a TCG game, the main focus of Eredan is the card based combat. There are hundreds of available to cards to choose from, with players having total control over how they construct their deck. There are a number of card types available, including character cards, bonus cards and item cards. Each card is displayed with a highly detailed graphic, as well as all the relevant information such as card statistics and effects. Eredan is filled with complex mechanics, such as chain cards and effects that allow players to play multiple cards in one turn. Each character card also belongs to a class and race, each of which benefit from different cards in different ways, and also play better against specific opponent classes.

Another nice feature in Eredan is the Trophy system. Working in a similar way to an achievement system, players must perform certain actions and accomplish certain tasks in order to unlock a trophy. Unlocking trophies provides the user with various rewards, from in-game currency to rare and powerful cards.

There are 3 types of battle options available in Eredan: Adventure, PvP and Tournament. Adventure is the core of the PvE in the game, players set out to explore the fantastical world of Guem with the hopes of finding powerful cards and rare artifacts. PvP allows players to compete against thousands of other players for experience points and in-game currency. Lastly, Tournament mode is a PvP based tournament available to players level 6 and above.

By Rachel Rosen




If you were to line up the current crop of online trading card games (TCGs), Eredan can compete for the title of most visually appealing, probably coming in second to the digital equivalent of Magic: The Gathering. There were plenty of times when I wanted to print out the cartoony Eredan cards and play them in real life with my buddies.

Eredan character cards

Character cards that represent the core fighters in your deck are drawn to painstaking detail and evolve into more intimidating-looking versions. Strategy cards often depict cheeky and hilarious situations – the Eye for an Eye debuff card for example shows a character literally with X marks on her eyes after being poked by an enemy. Overall, the graphics manage to give the game a very light and fun vibe.


Most browser mmo TCGs splurge on graphics but scrimp on sound, and Eredan does little to break that trend. It has serviceable background music, character cards do not have voice-over, and combat attacks produce crisp sound effects – all fairly standard in the genre. But to its credit, Eredan attempts to break up the monotony by using a different music depending on what kind of guild to which your opponent’s deck belongs.

This is quite understandable since the nature of the genre requires developers to focus more on churning out the best-looking cards and solid mechanics with everything else taking second priority. I liked though how there were convenient on-off buttons at the lower right of the game screen which allows for one-click deactivation of music background and sound effects for those times when you’re watching YouTube or want to play another track while playing.


Unlike mmorpg games, Eredan has no main story or hero. The TCG simply takes place in a fantasy world where hundreds of heroes co-exist with one another. The closest thing to a story in Eredan can be found on its newly created Adventure Mode.

Eredan adventure mode

Eredan card fights

Here, story fans will be able to read some narrative dialogue and will ultimately lead into card fights. A typical story quest line will last a good six to seven connected fights, and is often told in a comical tone.


Eredan starts you off by letting you pick a starter deck composed of three character cards and around 20 strategy support cards. Then it eases you into the browser game’s mechanics with a helpful and unhurried tutorial, which should be easy enough to grasp for mmorpg and strategy game veterans titles.

Eredan choose fight

The mechanics are straightforward attack-and-defense: Each game, the three character cards in your deck (there can only be three at a time; they serve as your champions, so to speak) will fight against the three characters in your opponent’s deck. The goal is to defeat all three of your opponent’s characters by dealing them damage while keeping one or more of your characters alive. Character cards have printed attack and defense statistics, which will be compared to opponent cards. You can use strategy cards to affect the outcome of this comparison – like equipping items to boost the attack and defense of your characters, or slinging direct damage spell cards – to affect the outcome of each round.

In the case of a double knockout wherein both you and your opponent kill each other’s last character card, the winner will be decided on who performed the best during the fight based on a pre-set point system. You will also lose the game when you no longer have cards in your deck, which poses the conundrum: Will you fill out your deck or keep it lean and mean? A lean deck ensures that you consistently get your best cards, but a fat deck ensures you do not get decked out during those long-drawn out fights especially against defensive-oriented decks.

Eredan Card

Another key source of strategy is that character cards offer bonuses depending on which they get played. This forces you to decide whether to take advantage of the turn order bonuses or ignore it in favor of better match-up pairings.
A great design decision to Eredan is the use of attack ranges – with minimum and maximum attacks – which adds a layer of unpredictability to the combat phase. Some card battle games place a static attack power so you always know in a match-up how much damage you’re going to receive and deal. But in Eredan, you may occasionally find yourself crossing your fingers that your character will hit his maximum attack to take out the opponent. This small insertion of luck keeps the game from being predictable.

Eredan battle system

Should you win a fight, your cards will gain experience points. Accumulate enough to get the chance to evolve your characters into their more powerful versions, ala Pokemon. This evolution system is one of the most addicting features in Eredan, since you will keep on battling to reach your characters’ ultimate forms which have improved statistics and even gain new abilities.

Eredan Marketplace

From your starter deck, you can start collecting more cards based on the crystal currency you accumulate from winning fights. Other players will be selling their extra cards via the marketplace. The rarest cards though will cost tens of thousands of crystals to purchase, which will mean days of grinding for free players. This is because the rarest cards are mainly acquired through card packs bought with cash. Still, there are enough cheap cards on the market to make the game playable for casuals who want to stick as free players.

In short, Eredan is more pay-to-progress than pay-to-win, since I’ve personally beaten more expensive-looking decks with the right combinations from my starter deck. This is owing to the exceptionally balanced PvP matching system where you can challenge players close to your power level.

Eredan fight

You can refuse challengers if you think their power level is too strong – hint: only fight players with the same or lower power level number, or if you’re feeling confident one level up yours. New players should avoid the Tournament scene for now where the matching system no longer applies and you will probably face a lot of cash shop kings and the veteran grind masters.

Unique Fun Factor

In terms of deck construction, Eredan boasts roughly 1,000 cards that span eight or so factions. This extensive card collection archive helps keep the game becomes quite a long-term addiction for many fans.

Eredan Deck

You can easily spend months collecting all the cards and battling with multiple decks. The only question is how long it will take you to progress – the long and hard grind without paying a single cent or cut a few corners and spend on game shop currency to speed up your card collection.


PvP game rooms are always populated so you always have a match ready
Challenging AI without being too punishing
Very deep card bench allows for dynamic deck building options


Card search engine is a bit unwieldy to use
Cannot share cards between deck builds, which makes maintaining multiple decks quite a hassle
Heavy focus on PvP with small, but growing, support for PvE single-player campaign

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