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    Epicx incorporates many aspects of browser based strategy games. Complete quests and build and upgrade buildings....
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    Epicx: combat
    Conquest neighboring lands. Combat is is turn based and not under your control....
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    Specialize heroes by giving them new items. This can increase their attack, defense, or other aspects of combat....
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    Train your heroes to further increase their production. If you are having a hard time with a fight, chances are it is time to regr...
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EpicX (previously known as CrownQuest) is a strategy browser mmo, developed by N2PG and published by IONES. EpicX players will embark in a fantastic journey through the ancient Egypt and all the way across the seas to Rome. The story is set somewhere around 1300 B.C. From this point of view, EpicX also provides a history lesson, not just gaming fun. The Roman theme is predominant and graphic style reflects that. EpicX gameplay is similar to other browser based strategy games. The key aspects are building an empire and fighting to defend and expand it. Player interaction occurs in many forms. EpicX players can be friends and form alliances or enemies. Quests and hero development are also important.

An EpicX empire is just as strong as its buildings are. Each one has a certain function. The Government building is one of the most important constructions. It determines the gold income and the level of other buildings. In order for your EpicX empire to house more citizens, the Cottage level must be increased. The College is a research facility. Equipment upgrades can be acquired from the Weaponsmith. The Temple building is for collecting taxes. EpicX mmorts heroes must be leveled and trained and for that a Training Camp is needed. There are multiple heroes to choose from. There is no other hero visual customization available, apart from selecting from male or female avatars. Each EpicX hero has a special skill and favorite troops. Units also have special abilities and attacks. EpicX heroes have 3 combat skills: normal attack, special attack and disaster attack. Their values can be increased by equipping appropriate items like: weapons, armors, accessories, flags, cloaks and mounts. Various technologies are also important for your heroes and troops performance. For example, assault tactics will increase attack and shield techniques boost defense. Quests are a great way to receive extra rewards and XP at lower levels. There are main quest lines and daily quests.

Just like all mmo games, EpicX supports alliances between players, called leagues. Joining a league is a great way to strengthen your defense and also benefit from league technologies. RTS games like EpicX don’t provide many challenges if played only in PvE mode. Taking part in PvP battles between leagues is the exciting part. EpicX has a tutorial for new players. Features aren’t complicated so gameplay basics will be easily picked up. The VIP feature rewards players that show their EpicX support and appreciation by spending some cash. There are 2 EpicX premium membership plans to choose from.

By Rachel Rosen

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