Epic Duel schedules Omega release on December 20

By Michael Jamias
epic duel omega release

Epic Duel’s Omega version release promises improved item stat freedom, boundless customization and bigger, better rewards.

The PvP-centric browser mmo from indie developer Artix Entertainment will release the Omega version on December 20.

Epic Duel Omega will be the single most exciting change we've ever released," exclaims Jonathan Duran, founder of Epic Duel.  "We've rewritten over 30% of the game code to offer more customization, fewer restrictions, and an overall better gaming experience for everyone."

“Veteran duelers and newcomers alike will enjoy complete stat freedom via item enhancements. Don’t like an item’s stats? Wish it delivered more damage? Now it can! Players can equip passive effects and active abilities to their weapon arsenal, providing greater customization… and, most importantly, more victories,” added Artix Entertainment in a release announcing the new version release.

Other improvements coming to the PvP MMORPG include a new login screen that is “easy on the eyes” and helpful NPCs that “will offer in-game currency awards, help guide the storyline and assist in training and testing Class builds.”

These upgrades were sourced from comments and suggestions of fans who believe that fewer restrictions will result in more exciting battles, and shake up the current PvP leaderboards.


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