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  • Epic Duel: class

    Epic Duel: class
    Pick from 1 of 3 classes while creating and customizing your character....
    Epic Duel: class

    Epic Duel: shop

    Epic Duel: shop
    Head to the village shops to spend your hard earned credits....
    Epic Duel: shop

    Epic Duel: house

    Epic Duel: house
    Eventually you will earn enough to buy and upgrade a house. For now, let's just worry about leveling up....
    Epic Duel: house

    Epic Duel: pvp

    Epic Duel: pvp
    PvP is turn based and can either be fought as a 1v1 or 2v2. Remember to use your special abilities when they are available and you...
    Epic Duel: pvp

Epic Duel is a PvP focused, free no download mmorpg, developed and published by Artix Entertainment (AE). In Epic Duel players adventure into a sci fi world, called Delta V, build a character and battle against other players. Duels can be 1vs1 or 2vs2. Players can duel NPCs too. This is normally for training or trying out new skills or tactics. Dueling NPCs is not very challenging. A big part of Epic Duel is character development. Players have 3 class choices. The Tech Mage uses energy weapons and is specialized in technology. The Mercenary is a melee class with less speed but higher damage. The Bounty Hunter is a bit of everything. Each class has female and male characters. There are some visual customization options like hair styles and outfits.

Each Epic Duel class has 6 main stats. Health doesn't need any explanations. Energy is a character's resource, it is spent when skills are used. Strength is the stat that affects damage output. Dexterity adds defense and block. Technology affects robots and resistances. Support is a mixed stat that gives critical rating and boosts damage for secondary weapons. There are also 4 secondary stats: focus, defense, resistance and agility. When a character takes part in duels, it gains experience. Characters level up when the necessary amount of experience is collected. They gain points that can be distributed into the main stats. Character development in Epic Duel mmo is based on the skill tree. The skill tree will make or break a character. Each class can learn 12 unique skills. Each skill strongly depends on a primary stat. Skills can be improved by investing points into the related stat. Characters equip weapons and armor to be more efficient in duels. Gear is usually bought or found. There are 3 types of currency in Epic Duel. Credits come as a reward from duels and missions. Varium is a premium currency. Battle tokens are the reward for winning battles. Varium is bough for real money. It is used to buy the best weapons and armor in Epic Duel.

Epic Duel, free mmorpg, has an auto match system. There are two options: solo for 1vs1 or team for 2vs2. There also is an option to fight specific players. Combat in Epic Duel is turn based. Each turn takes 15 seconds. Players can use a skill (consumes energy), do a basic attack or use an item. Some skills have a cool down period. Epic Duel, free mmorpg no download, doesn't have too much PvE content. There are some missions and you can duel NPCs. The main objective of Epic Duel is to work your way up the leaderboards.

By Rachel Rosen


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