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  • Empire Universe 2: race

    Empire Universe 2: race
    Choose your race. I am going to be boring and pick humans....
    Empire Universe 2: race

    Empire Universe 2: mining

    Empire Universe 2: mining
    There are 10 different resources to mine in Empire Universe....
    Empire Universe 2: mining

    Empire Universe 2: research

    Empire Universe 2: research
    Research new technologies like Space Travel as soon as possible....
    Empire Universe 2: research

    Empire Universe 2: build

    Empire Universe 2: build
    You need to build buildings to fill prereqs and unlock new abilities, like the ability to research technologies, as you play....
    Empire Universe 2: build

Empire Universe 2 is a space themed browser game that uses a variety of RPG and RTS features to deliver a unique experience that's out of this world. Empire Universe II features over 10 unique races, vast galaxies and solar systems, and enough real-time combat to please even the most blood-thirsty of MMO gamers.

One of the most innovative aspects of Empire Universe 2 is the ship construction and upgrade system. Unlike other MMORPG games, such as EVE Online, there's not a huge list of predefined ships that players much use, instead they're able to build their own spaceship from scratch. In total, there are 66 different aspects of a ship that can be altered to effect construction, including everything from the hull of the spaceship to the boosters and weapons. This unique system creates a massive amount of ship possibilities and adds a huge amount of variety for both PvE and PvP. Once a ship has been built, players are still able to improve features by upgrading individual aspects of the ship, giving players the option of improving their favorite ships instead of having to construct new ones.

Empire Universe II is also home to an alignment system, a unique feature that gives certain buffs and penalties depending on their actions within the game. There are several alignment types possible such as Researchers, Warriors, Pirates, Traders and Bounty Hunters. Each alignment offers different benefits and players are able to change their alignment by altering in-game decisions and activities.

Empire Universe 2 features a highly customized ship design system, fully real-time battles and it's the first no download mmorpg that provides players with high quality 3D graphics using Javascript. Fans of other space titles such as EVE Online will enjoy the vast array of features in Empire Universe II.

By Rachel Rosen

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