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  • Empire Craft: quest

    Empire Craft: quest
    Quests will give you resource rewards and teach you about the game....
    Empire Craft: quest

    Empire Craft: combat

    Empire Craft: combat
    Farms and other buildings will give you in game bonuses, like food to feed more people....
    Empire Craft: combat

    Empire Craft: diamonds

    Empire Craft: diamonds
    Hang on to those diamonds. They will speed up building. You can buy more diamonds from the in game store....
    Empire Craft: diamonds

    Empire Craft: heroes

    Empire Craft: heroes
    Don't forget to recruit, train, and equip heroes to lead your army....
    Empire Craft: heroes

Empire Craft is a free no download MMORPG published and developed by MMORPG newcomers, Hithere. Empire Craft is available in a free to play capacity and is compatible with all of today's popular internet browsers. It takes only minutes to sign up and get in-game, making it very easy to begin your journey to world domination.

One of the most appealing aspects to Empire Craft is the highly in-depth Hero system. You can create a large variety of heroes to help command and maintain your vast army. In order to recruit a hero you must first construct a tavern. You are then able to recruit heroes from the tavern with a new group of heroes reaching town every night at 00:00am. Each hero has a unique personality, allowing for some heroes to begin with much higher base stats than others. These heroes are very rare but will go a long way to making your army a dominant force in the military world. The heroes also have access to a unique skill system. Certain skills allow your heroes to use powerful abilities in battle, other bonuses include the ability to craft and create certain items, and have more troop space in your army.

Another great feature in Empire Craft is the Insurance mechanic. All players begin with a 72 hour newbie protection bubble, meaning you cannot be attacked by other players until 3 days after you've joined the game, giving you plenty of time to construct your resource buildings and train your army. After the 3 day period has expired, you can be attacked by other players. Using the Insurance option offers extra protection by restoring 90% of your assets after battle, even if you're completely defeated.

Join thousands of other players on Empire Craft and attempt to conquer the globe. You can act as a lone wolf, taking orders from nobody and destroying everything in your path, or you can opt to join powerful guild. Guilds allow you extra protection and more opportunities at tackling stronger NPC strongholds.

By Rachel Rosen

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