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Elysian War is a free to play MMORTS developed and published by AMZGame. It's a town building game with turn based combat and character development. Players take the lead of an empire, hire generals, train armies and participate in wars. Elysian War has a fantasy themed setting. Some of the generals are inspired by historical and mythological figures. Players raise their empire from the ground up by constructing buildings and training troops. Most players will focus on town development at the beginning of the game. After the basic facilities have been constructed, it's time to start recruiting and training troops. Elysian War has different types of units: spearmen, swordsmen, cavalry, archers and priests.

Archers and priests are ranged units while the other three types are melee troops. Each type of unit is restrained by another. As a combination of different types of units, an army will have attack and defense bonuses that are calculated based on the restrain system. There is also one more Elysian War system that influences units behavior on the battlefield. Ranged troops are more powerful depending on the meteorological conditions. Players will notice that the weather can change with each passing in game day. On some days the sun is shining while on others there is rain and lightning. When the weather is warm, priests and archers gain two abilities: fire starter and fiery rain. These fire based abilities can set forests on fire. Ranged damage is boosted. Rainy days allow priests to use a lighting ability. This is a single target spell that deals 120% more ranged damage. Besides units, Elysian War also gives players the possibility to recruit powerful soldiers known as generals. These are a bit like MMORPG characters. Each leader has unique perks. There are generals that boost the damage of the troops they command. Other generals have abilities that improve attributes. Elysian War generals are accompanied by two assistants called deputies.

The general development system allows players to spend resources to improve a leader's attributes and abilities. Elysian War is one of the browser RTS games that have a turn based combat system. Factors like the terrain make the combat more strategic. Battles are fought on maps with different landscape such as hills, rivers, forests or mountains. Elysian War players must learn how to use the terrain to their advantage. Before a battle, players will select the right types of units depending on where the battle is fought. For example, fire cannot be used in the marshlands and the cavalry is useless when fighting in a forest. During their turn, players move troops, attack or use general's abilities. Elysian War is played as a free game with optional premium features.

By Rachel Rosen



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