Elvenar Videos Reveal Commerce and Conflict Playstyles

By Michael Jamias
elvenar video playstyles

Will you take your place in Elvenar as a ruthless conqueror or a wealthy trader? Two distinct paths await players in the strategy browser mmo, and developers have dropped two new videos that give a peek of both paths.

The Elvenar playstyles video starts with introductions from MMO game designer Timon and graphic artist Oliver briefing before delving into the nuances in the commerce or conflict playstyles.

Fighting monsters is a viable option progression option in Elvenar, but would-be warrior-kings would need to support their campaigns by training a lot of troops. Resources will be funneled towards producing warriors, building armories and upgrading military workshops.

For players that prefer a more peaceful approach to grow their Elvenar empire, the trading path is available. Growth, wealth and economic power are all priorities for traders and they advance these by building manufacturies and growing their population. Traders can also exchange goods with other players in order to meet the heavy resource demands of a thriving mercantile city.

The developers also give out some tips for both playstyles, such as how to speed up your military training and how to produce more gold. Now that you've had a glimpse of these alternative progression paths, which would you choose?


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