Elvenar Previews Starter Races, Humans and Elves

By Michael Jamias
elvenar human elves race previews

When choosing your starting race in Elvenar, it will come down to whether you want to use or work with nature.

Elvenar Humans harvest the precious resources of the MMORPG world and use them as construction material, which is shown in their building style dominated by stone and metal.

In contrast, the Elvenar Elves live in harmony with their environment and work hard to preserve them to the point of infusing nature in their architecture design.

Players will want to look through this Elvenar preview video that shows the first gameplay scenes for the strategy rpg city builder as well as a sneak peek on the cities for both playable races:

While the Human and Elf cities do look distinct from each other, both races share core mechanics. Both have access to similar city-building features and can explore the multiplayer overworld map.

Another point of difference between the two playable races is the units at their disposal.

Elvenar is set to launch as a browser mmo with a closed beta set to launch in January 2015. Mobile versions are planned after.

Which of the Elvenar playable races will you choose to play – the Humans or the Elves?


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