Fairies Flutter Into Elvenar As Guest Race In March

By Michael Jamias
elvenar fairies guest race

Elvenar will get to taste the power of fairies as the magical winged beings become the next guest race in the strategy browser mmo this March.

Elvenar Fairies have been unveiled through the March episode of the InnoGames TV, which can be watched below and features game designer Timon talking about the incoming guest race:

The Elvenar Fairies guest race can be recruited after building a new settlement once the resident Dwarves pack up and leave.

Fairies promise to sprinkle their magical dust and add strategic decisions, technologies, buildings and squad size upgrades to the city builder mmo.

This latest guest race to make an appearance in Elvenar will be receiving a couple of updates to round out their gameplay, introducing two new Ancient Wonders and new battle units. The first Ancient Wonder will look to boost supply production while the second will improve trading skills and guest race productions.

Elvenar has piling on the literal magic in the past months first in January with the rollout of Spells, a game mechanic which can be research to provide various production boosts and perks, and now with the Fairies guest race.


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