Elvenar Constructs The Ancient Wonders

By Michael Jamias
elvenar ancient wonders update

The rush to build the Ancient Wonders begins in Elvenar with the release of a new major update.

The Elvenar Ancient Wonders update allows every race will reward players that build up to two unique buildings.

Humans, Elves and Dwarves will have access to their respective Ancient Wonders via the research menu, and once erected, these impressive-looking structures will vary in looks and effects per race.

But it won't be a cakewalk to construct these rare landmarks. MMO players will need to collect rune chards. Watch the Ancient Wonders video to catch a glimpse of these magnificent spectacles of construction:

As told in the video, each player can build two Ancient Wonders. The Sanctuary, for example, increases the health of battle troops and also provides a big boost in culture. Those who want the other option can choose to put up The Great Bell Spire, which raises Neighborly Help rewards, plus other boons for helping allies.

Developers of the browser mmo explained that Ancient Wonders are meant to be powerful but difficult to get, making them the crowning glory of a player's progression.

Which of the Elvenar Ancient Wonders leave you feeling in awe?


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