Eldevin second closed beta invites thousands of new testers

By Michael Jamias
eldevin second closed beta invites

Eldevin greatly expands its invite list to the newly launched second closed beta, and will allow play access up to level 30.

The second Eldevin closed beta will also be able to try out the 6 talent specialization trees, namely Templar, Warrior, Assassin, Ranger, Mage and Prophet. Beta testers can also look forward to exploring 14 different profession paths and teaming up with others to take on 6 co-op dungeons, said MMO developer Hunted Cow Studios.

Eldevin is a free to play 3D free no download mmorpg that claims to be very story-driven, and beta testers will be able to confirm this first hand by taking on the Trial of the Champions and other narrative content.

Those interested in joining the second closed beta should apply through the Eldevin beta sign-up page (https://beta.eldevin.com). Applying does not guarantee a slot, although once you have been selected, it will be a cinch to run the game because of its relatively low graphics requirements and compatibility with almost all operating systems, Hunted Cow Studios assured.  As a browser game, it also will not require any download or hours-long installation.

Lucky closed beta testers are reminded though that together with the privilege of checking out the game ahead of everyone else, they have the responsibility of giving feedback on how to improve the game. Developers said they will be actively communicating with testers for any comments and suggestions.


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