Eldevin to launch November 30

By Michael Jamias
eldevin launch november 30

The long wait for Eldevin is finally over; the launch date has been confirmed to be this Saturday, November 30.

This self-funded indie free to play mmo from Hunted Cow Studios spent 8 years in development, and now it's ready to stake its claim as one of the biggest 3D mmo browser games.

Backing up its confidence are hundreds of hours of action-packed content, a thrilling real-time combat system and deep character customization options, including 200 talents and 100 abilities across six unique roles from the frenzied Warrior to the mystical Prophet.

Unlike other rpg games, Eldevin chose to go with a flexible classless system, where players are free to mix and match roles, talents and abilities to suit their playstyle tastes.

To refresh your memory, here are a couple of Eldevin trailers released this year that sum up what this upcoming fantasy mmo is all about:

The Eldevin website has changed its homepage with a giant countdown clock that marks the various start dates for early access owners. Early access can be obtained by purchasing Founder Packs, but fans should hurry because they will no longer be sold when the title official launches on Nov. 30 at 9 a.m. Eastern.

Eldevin is playable in most browsers running on Windows, Mac and Linux.


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