Eldevin Founders Packs loaded with pets, items and collectibles

By Michael Jamias
eldevin founders packs

It seems like Hunted Cow has thrown everything they can to entice fans to purchase any of the eight Eldevin Founders Packs.

Starting from $10 Bronze pack climbing all the way to a throat-gulping $1000 Diamond pack, each Founders Pack comes with a minimum of a key to its ongoing closed beta, an emote, Eldevin points, a forum badge, XP boosters and instant beta access.

The more expensive packs expand on this basic freebie set to include character slots, artbooks, item slot bags, pets, respect tokens, maps, posters, t-shirts, keyrings, mousemats, and even the privilege to have your name immortalized in a statue plaque in-game.

This give-anything-and-everything approach seems aimed at capturing the widest breadth of rpg games fans. Tight-budgeted fans will of course settle for the $10 Bronze and $20 Silver packs, while more cash-flush players can splurge on a $40 Gold, $60 Platinum or $125 Crystal packs.

But a few so-called "whales" who plan to invest most of their time in the MMORPG will not hesitate to plunk down for a $250 Ruby, $500 Emerald or the ultimate $1000 Diamond pack.

The Eldevin Founders Pack page gives a full list of the items, perks and physical goodies that come with each pack. Have a good browse and make sure to reach the detailed extra info on the bottom of the page before locking into that wallet-breaking Diamond pack.

And for those who do not plan on handing over a single cent for these packs, Hunted Cow assures that all areas and content in the free no download mmorpg will still be accessible even for non-buyers.


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