Eldevin kicks into closed beta hungry for feedback

By Michael Jamias
eldevin closed beta

Eldevin, the browser-based no download mmorpg from Hunted Cow Studios, has begun its closed beta testing but only a limited number of players will be invited.

Closed beta invitations have been sent out with assurances from Hunted Cow that more will be delivered as the closed beta progresses. The closed beta began on March 18 and still has no finalized end date. It seems like the closed beta would take quite a while though since developers want to heavily draw feedback from players to improve the Eldevin mechanics and gaming experience.

The closed beta will allow Eldevin fans to level up to 30, and access most of the corresponding content. All six talent trees – templar, warrior, assassin, ranger, mage and prophet – will be playable. Other features that fans can expect are: 6 cooperative group dungeons, 14 professions and story-driven content that just might put other mmo games to shame.

John Stewart, the studio manager of Hunted Cow, said the closed beta is one of the most critical moments for the game’s development. He said that his small team has been working on Eldevin for 8 years and the closed beta will show just what fans think of their creation, and whether improvements should be made before release.


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