Einherjar merges into a single server Asgard

By Michael Jamias
einherjar server merge asgard

The merged Einherjar server Asgard will host all remaining players in the turn-based browser mmo.

Einherjar players had been voicing their concern on the sparse population prior to the server merge, so the unified server should "bring a better playing experience," said the Japanese developer Appirits Inc.

To mark the server merge, players who log on to the MMORPG will receive a bundle of gifts, including 5 Fragment of God Ore, 1 Valhalla Gold Proof, 2 Soul Chalices, 1 Valkyrie Massive. These prizes will be given only on their first log in.

For residents of the dissolved server Gerhilde, the server merge can be quite the logistical hassle, so developers will be giving the transferees bonus benefits. This includes LP refund of all units reset, a week of raid protection and a gift of 50,000 Gold.

Together with the server merge, developers also unveiled the brand new hero Signy, described as a powerful heroine available for summoning. Summoning is a special feature that allows players to control characters with elite stats and skills using Power, the game's in-game currency.

Each successful summon of Signy rewards a player with 5 Gram Fragments, a special material that will be used in a new main quest. Eventually, players who complete the main quest may be able to complete the powerful sword Gram and other items at the production area.


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