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    Einherjar: weapon
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    Einherjar: gather
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    Einherjar: buildings
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    Einherjar: heroes

    Einherjar: heroes
    You start off with 3 heroes. As they level up they will get better at completing tasks like gathering. Here you can check the stat...
    Einherjar: heroes

Einherjar - The Viking's Blood is a Norse themed, no download mmorpg, developed and published by Appirits. Gameplay has 2 main aspects: building and character development. The end goal is to have a strong character for the final Ragnarok war. Each player has a home in Einherjar world. Harvest, production and building are the 3 important activities for improving a home. Harvest deals with gathering raw materials. Production is about transforming raw mats into building mats. Several structures with different uses can be built. Each building comes with an advantage. The fort is a defense structure. The blacksmith, accessory, magic, cloth and leather shops are crafting facilities for weapons, armor and other items. The Warrior House serves as barracks. The Square is the place for gathering units. New players are assisted with quests so they have a sense of orientation.

The unit system offers Einherjar players 6 jobs to choose from. The Axe Fighter is a tank type job with good hp and strength but not so good damage. Sword Fighters can dual wield and have a better hit rate than Axe Fighters. The Spear Fighter has balanced attack and defense capabilities. Further development for axe, sword and spear fighters splits into Guard or Master. The Archer is a ranged dps job but it's extremely weak in melee fights. Archers can specialize into Rangers. The Sister is a support job with benefic spells and abilities. Sisters train to become Bishops. The Half Elf uses a sword for melee fights or casts magic spells. Half Elves also have 2 specializations: Elf Lord or Dark Elf. Each job has 6 common stats and one unique skill. In order to advance their Einherjar free mmo units, players need a runic proof. To further upgrade to a third level job, units use Valhalla god proofs. These items are very hard to obtain. A player's army can have 15 units of any type. Equipment such as primary and secondary weapons, armor and accessories can be worn. The Einherjar system is some sort of crafting system that allows players to create special items. Some items can be used to boost hp and stats or to unlock certain skills.

There are 3 categories of Einherjar offensive encounters: expedition, raid and colonial war. Expeditions are a good way to get some extra gold. Raids occur when player homes are attacked. Colonial wars are fought over resource colonies. For now, the PvP system supports only 1 vs. 1 arena matches. The actual combat is turn based. Players can visit cities to gain access to all sorts of facilities. Hedeby city has a market, bar (works as a questing hub) and a place where you can join or leave a guild. Those who seek greater challenges should visit ghost city Uppsala. Einherjar browser mmo is free to play with the usual microtransaction system.

By Rachel Rosen


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