Ecol Tactics Online launches worldwide

By Michael Jamias
ecol tactics online launches

Ecol Tactics Online makes a bid for the hearts of turn based strategy fans, promising massive grid-based battles.

As its first global browser title, mmo games publisher GamesCampus is hoping that Ecol Tactics Online will engross fans with its list of features, which include skill training, mercenary recruitment and almost endless monster level challenges.

Ecol Tactics Online is a free no download MMORPG. GamesCampus said it has spent months fine-tuning the game and that even the most experienced beta testers will find something fresh to do once they load up the launch day version.

Among the new content is the PvP Coliseum, which offer valuable training that develops your mercenary skill set. Players will also be able to hire unique mercenaries that will make it that much easier to slay enemy monsters. The launch also unlocks the full functionality of the guild system – players can now share weapons, potions and loot with their trusted friends.

The initial Ecol Tactics Online launch period will also be marked with special events that reward exclusive items. One example is the “Invasion of the Robo Hopper” where you need to annihilate mobs and collect their parts in exchange for a nice prize. Premium knickknacks are also up for grabs at the “Map Mastery Challenge Timers” challenge, but only if you are brave enough to clear all the required zones and dungeons of their monster infestations.

The cash shop is also up and running, offering everything from costumes to item-upgrading silver hammers to bundle boxes.


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