Ecol Tactics Online locks in closed beta on March 7

By Michael Jamias
ecol tactics online closed beta march 7

The turn-based tactical free no download mmorpg will start sending out limited beta keys on February 28.

Ecol Tactics Online publisher GamesCampus said interested closed beta testers should first sign up for an account at the official website ( before hunting down a beta key.

GamesCampus did not reveal the number of closed beta keys going out, only that these will only be given out to a “select” group of players, suggesting a limited number.

Players can find out where to get a beta key in future announcements made via the official Facebook page ( and official Twitter channel at @EcolTactics.

The closed beta test will be the first time that public fans will be able to test Ecol Tactics Online, an MMORPG patterned after the classic turn-based tactical game genre that became popular on the consoles.

"We are excited to get to the stage where our growing community can finally play the game—they have been waiting to find out when they could finally jump in and test it out,” said Elliott Coward, Project Lead for Ecol Tactics Online.

Closed beta testers should look forward to test-driving the defining features of Ecol Tactics Online, including old school tactical grid battles, skill build customization, “diverse” cast of playable characters, hundreds of side quests and an “expansive” main story line.


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