Ecol Tactics Online News

ecol tactics online launches
Ecol Tactics Online makes a bid for the hearts of turn based strategy fans, promising massive grid-based battles. As its first global browser title, mmo games publisher GamesCampus is hoping that Ecol Tactics Online will engross fans with its list of features, which include skill training, mercenary recruitment and almost endless monster level challenges. Ecol Tactics Online is a free no download MMORPG. GamesCampus said it has spent months fin...
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May 02 2013
ecol tactics online closed beta march 7
The turn-based tactical free no download mmorpg will start sending out limited beta keys on February 28. Ecol Tactics Online publisher GamesCampus said interested closed beta testers should first sign up for an account at the official website ( before hunting down a beta key. GamesCampus did not reveal the number of closed beta keys going out, only that these will only be given out to a “select” group of play...
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Feb 25 2013