Duty of Sentinel March udpate braves the Ghostroar Wilderness map

By Michael Jamias
duty of sentinel march udpate

Up for some punishingly difficult challenges in Duty of Sentinel? Then the latest Duty of Sentinel major update will be to your liking as it delivers more hardcore content led by the new Ghostroar Wilderness map.

Even developers themselves admit that this is a map that can prove to be the pitfall of unwary adventurers with its slew of tougher monsters across 10 common levels.

Duty of Sentinel artwork March update

For the masochistically inclined, the game has even unlocked the Ultimate Level where you enter into a so-called Live or Die situation (the sudden death equivalent to the turn-based no download mmorpg) against the seven legendary guards that guard rare mystery treasures.

Players can also play with a new blue hero, the Centaur Warchief whose picture is in this post's thumbnail. Developers describe the Centaur Warchief as the fiercest enemy and conversely the strongest ally you can have. We'll have to test him out to see if he lives up to the hype.

Other notable changes in this Duty of Sentinel March patch include a level cap increase to 50, and stamina nerfs that should make unsocketing and dungeon runs that much more challenging.

For the next update, the mmo will be focusing mainly on quality of life improvements, including an expanded stamina bar, shortened time for stamina recovery and a new talent system that incorporates stamina regeneration talents -- all likely to make up for this patch's stamina changes.


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