Duty of Sentinel News

duty of sentinel open beta
Two big news for Duty of Sentinel fans -- the free browser mmo has changed its name to Sentinel Heroes and has launched its open beta test. The announcement did not bother explaining the Duty of Sentinel name change, so we're left to guess that they probably thought Sentinel Heroes sounds cooler and probably easier to remember. There's also the fact that you recruit multiple legendary heroes, stress on plural, instead of only controlling on...
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May 24 2014
duty of sentinel march udpate
Up for some punishingly difficult challenges in Duty of Sentinel? Then the latest Duty of Sentinel major update will be to your liking as it delivers more hardcore content led by the new Ghostroar Wilderness map. Even developers themselves admit that this is a map that can prove to be the pitfall of unwary adventurers with its slew of tougher monsters across 10 common levels.For the masochistically inclined, the game has even unlocked the Ul...
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Mar 19 2014