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  • Dungeon Inquisitor: trap

    Dungeon Inquisitor: trap
    Build traps and use monsters to catch heroes that stumble upon your dungeon....
    Dungeon Inquisitor: trap

    Dungeon Inquisitor: item

    Dungeon Inquisitor: item
    You can find items from captured heroes. This sickle came from an unfortunate hunter....
    Dungeon Inquisitor: item

    Dungeon Inquisitor: levy

    Dungeon Inquisitor: levy
    Levy taxes from nearby castles to collect income so you can keep building up your dungeon....
    Dungeon Inquisitor: levy

    Dungeon Inquisitor: shop

    Dungeon Inquisitor: shop
    You can buy new items, furniture and consumeables at the store....
    Dungeon Inquisitor: shop

Dungeon Inquisitor is a free to play browser-based MMO title that offers players the opportunity to create and govern their own personal dungeon. Dungeon masters games gave birth to the RPG genre but very few online titles attempt to tackle the intricate mechanics and rules needed to make a dungeon master game successful, that was until Dungeon Inquisitor came along. Every popular aspect of creating your own dungeon can be found in Dungeon Inquisitor, making it one of the most exciting browser-based MMO games on the internet.

Dungeon Inquisitor focuses around an evil being, you, that is trying to attract and trap civilians inside a dungeon to eventually expand outside and start to rule over the humans. In order to successfully trap brave adventurers inside you will need a variety of creatures to defend your dungeon. There's a great variety of fantasy based creatures available such as Imps, Evil Magicians and Undead Archers, each of which have different attributes and stat points. You must then decide what loot to place inside your dungeon to entice an adventurer, different loot items attract different levels of adventurer so make sure your dungeon is prepared.

Once you capture a human there are a variety of options that become available. You can leave your prisoner to die inside your dungeon, eventually turning into an undead unit that you can use in battle, or you can attempt to interrogate them. Interrogation gives you the opportunity of attracting far stronger prisoners to your dungeon, which make for much better slaves. Dungeon Inquisitor players will have to be smart and choose the right questions for the interrogation to be successful. After a successful interrogation you will learn what specific item you need to lay the right trap, you can then also attempt to sell your prisoner back to their owner or kill them as a sacrifice for your dungeon.

By Rachel Rosen

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