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  • Dream World: class

    Dream World: class
    The 3 classes in Dream World are Knight, Mage and Ranger....
    Dream World: class

    Dream World: explore

    Dream World: explore
    Explore areas to find puzzles and monsters. This will cost energy which refreshes over time....
    Dream World: explore

    Dream World: boss

    Dream World: boss
    Bosses will be at the end of an explorable area and will be a much harder fight. If you are ready, take on these challenging monst...
    Dream World: boss

    Dream World: gear

    Dream World: gear
    Head to the shops to buy, sell or equip gear....
    Dream World: gear

Dream World is one of the browser games available on the highly popular Kongregate gaming portal. Kongregate is one of the largest online game directories available, offering 50,000 unique titles occupying a variety of genres, such as MMORTS, MMORPG, tower defense and fighting titles. Dream World is a free to play fantasy MMORPG game that offers players a variety of classes, an exciting array of PvP features and in-depth character progression mechanics.

Dream World gives players the option of playing 1 of 3 available classes including Knight, Mage and Ranger. Knights are the main melee class in the game, the master of swordplay and the ability to deliver devastating blows to their enemies. Mage's wield magical powers from other realms, allowing them to command the power of the elements and even defy the laws of nature itself. The Ranger has the unique ability to deliver tons of damage without stepping close to enemy monsters, creating a safe class that is both accurate and deadly in the right hands. Although players can choose which class they start as, Dream World offers a unique skill-tree system that allows every class to branch into other classes and learn new skills and abilities.

Dream World allows players to explore a large fantasy based world by clicking various buildings and locations on the in-game user interface. The most exciting aspect of exploration is to venture into the unknown areas filled with evil monsters, puzzles and possible allies. There's a large variety of possible locations to explore but players must first progress through the early locations before unlocking more advanced ones. Each location has at least 5 different levels of difficulty, with each level offering more rewards, monsters and puzzles than the last. While exploring dangerous locations players can discover powerful monsters, puzzle boxes and even allies. Each puzzle box contains a unique puzzle and a large amount of possible rewards, skilled puzzle solvers will find great pleasure in solving the intricate challenges and being rewarded with items that are otherwise very difficult to obtain.

By Rachel Rosen

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