Drakensang Readies Largest Expansion For Summer 2015

By Michael Jamias
drakensang summer expansion

Drakensang is preparing to push out a huge content update -- dubbed its largest since the mmorpg launched -- which will see players explore a whole new continent called Lor'Tac, the World's Heart this summer.

The design for Lor'Tac was inspired by Aztec and Polynesian culture, according to Bigpoint, and will consist of 10 new maps across a sprawling, dense tropical rainforest.

Drakensang summer expansion

On top of new areas to explore, fans can anticipate a power surge as the level cap is raised to 50 from 45. This will be combined with an overhaul of the skill and talent system for all four classes, a move that developers believe will expand combat customization options.

Bigpoint, though, was a bit vaguer when it came to describing the changes also slated for its PvP environment led by the introduction of a Guild Battle system.

“We’re in the process of making PvP battles even more exciting as we are currently designing a Guild Battle system. For those who are looking for something more than PvP, the content expansion will also encompass substantial upgrades across the whole world of Drakensang Online," said Bigpoint.

There is no definite release date yet or a release month, only that the developer expects this to be a Drakensang summer expansion and it will be groundbreaking in both scale of content and improvements to the no download mmorpg.


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