Drakensang introduces Steam Technician class

By Michael Jamias
drakensang steam technician class

Don't underestimate the new dwarven Steam Technician class because he'll blow you to smithereens.

Releasing with the R114 patch, Drakensang's fourth and newest introduced class wields an array of steam-powered weapons.

The Steam Technician and the rest of the dwarves have mobilized from their underground mountain homes to defeating their ancient enemies, the hordes of the Dragon. United by a single cause to protect the world and all the innocent denizens in it, the Steam Technician joins the Dragonknight, Spellweaver and Ranger in standing against the Anderworld's assault.

Unlockable once a player reaches level 35 with at least one character in the mmorpg, the Steam Technician serves as a sweet prize for those who have dutifully leveled up their heroes, said Drakensang developers.

"We have so many players who have carefully leveled up their heroes over the time, that we felt we should allow our longtime fans to earn an achievement," said game moderator Biztart in a forum post.

In terms of combat potential, the Steam Technician fills in the role of a skilled mid-range shooter in the free no download mmorpg, firing explosive missiles for burst destruction or building artillery guns that deal serious sustained damage.

This new class can also keep a safe distance using his trusty rocket pack that can jump over cliffs and cover large gaps in seconds, before resuming his grenade barrage.

But if you think that the Steam Technician is a squishy scaredy-cat that hides behind his inventions, think again. This dwarf is surprisingly durable in close combat when enraged and wearing his protective iron suit. So when you see this class blast off in the air, it may not be to retreat but actually to close in for the kill.


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