Drakensang Rise of Balor Expansion Launching on August 26th

By Jeff Francis
Drakensang Rise of Balor update launches August 26th

There's nothing quite like the infusion of new content and features that a major expansion to an online game brings. Drakensang players are going to enjoy such a treat later this month as the largest update for the browser mmo is released. Bigpoint has announced that the Drakensang Rise of Balor update will launch on August 26th.

There's quite a bit of content in the upcoming Drakensang Rise of Balor expansion. There's the standard level cap increase that accompanies the introduction of the new jungle continent that features 16 new maps and more than 150 quests to undertake. The entire skill system has been completely revised to allow players to customize their skills and talent points as they see fit.

The Drakensang Rise of Balor update also adds some more lore to the no download mmorpg. The notice for the update's release states, "On behalf of Agrasha, Queen of Myrdosh, the players enter the southern forbidden jungle of Lor’Tac, searching for a lost dwarven advance team who sought the lost, semi-mythical World’s Heart. They encounter two native tribes, one corrupted by an evil power, the other seeking refuge in the tree-tops. Accompanied by the young Spellweaver Kaylin Lefrye, players learn that the evil tribe is searching for artifacts of the Bound Gods: Oceanus, Artaya, Mortis, Fyrgon, and Fjalnir."

Players can sink their teeth into Drakensang's largest update on August 26th.


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