Drakensang Online Previews New Skill System

By Michael Jamias
drakensang online new skill system preview

Drakensang Online is looking to receive a shiny new skill system with the Rise of Balor expansion dropping in August, and MMO developers showed off the key upgrades that will be rolled out in a fresh preview packet.

The preview confirmed that Drakensang Online's new skill system is a complete overhaul of the old system. The new skill system has been converted to a skill and mastery system across all four classes in the browser mmo.

The most notable holdover from the old system are probably the three talent trees -- they remain called as Experience, Wisdom, and Fame -- but have been redesigned from the ground up.

The new skill system will grant talent points to players as they gain character levels which can then be spent on talents, three of which are available per skill. There will be a reorganization option to allow for build experimentation and play style variation.

The new skill system also expands to unlock the most powerful skill so far for each of the classes.

Drakensang Online new skill system

As shown above, the Dragon Knight will be able to dive into mob packs after activating his Frenzy Battle Cry. Meanwhile, the Spellweaver will deliver icy death to foes with the Frozen Orb, the Steam Mechanicus will shock targets to submission with the Tesla Turret, and the Ranger will burn clustered enemies with Explosive Shot.


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