Myrdosch expansion embroils Drakensang in dwarven chaos

By Michael Jamias
drakensang myrdosch expansion

New monsters and a big bad boss go on a vile rampage in Drakensang's Myrdosch expansion.

Drakensang players venture into the namesake homeland of the dwarves, Myrdosch, in order to turn the tides and repel the advance of the Evil Dwarves.

The Myrdosch expansion promises to embroil MMO heroes in the epic conflict of the dwarves, and pose challenges that will take them through to the new level cap of 45. This includes more than 100 new quests, 12 new monsters and an "imposing" new boss called the Destructor.

The Destructor has been described by developers as "the monstrous apex of Evil Dwarf engineering that lays wanton waste to all that passes," which makes for a pretty intimidating introduction for all would-be challengers.

Meanwhile, new monsters such mechanical abominations are crawling about in the new update such as The Buzzsaw, the Iron Creeper and the Stone Golem.

The no download mmorpg also introduces 30 additional NPCs to the Drakensang world, offering tall tales, lore and access to loads of fresh content. Fans will also be granted access to a new ability and two new talents to help them in their forays in Myrdosch. Add to this the 150 new items, fresh level 45-capable equipment, and dozens of class-centric gear, and heroes should have everything they need to defeat the Destructor, his posse and bring hope to the bleak land of Duria.


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