Drakensang Online Out To Conquer China

By Michael Jamias
drakensang china launch plans

North American mmo game companies have long been pushing into China to get a bite of its huge market, but a European giant is also getting into the action.

Bigpoint has secured a publishing partnership with Tencent -- the first for a European game maker -- to bring the massively popular Drakensang to China.

Tencent will be given exclusive publishing rights for Drakensang.

Tencent expressed confidence that Drakensang is a browser mmo that will appeal to Chinese gamers. "Drakensang is the perfect fit for Chinese gamers in terms of graphical quality, accessibility and game play," says Raymond Gong, Assistant General Manager of Online Game at Tencent Games.

Bigpoint chose Tencent for its experience and understanding of the mmo genre and how to optimize the Drakensang China release to appeal to local fans.

Tencent also offers unified login, multiplatform marketing capabilities, infrastructure support and gamer insights.

Drakensang's China launch is seen by Bigpoint as a critical milestone for the company as it prepares to release other games in China and the rest of the Asian region.

“The expansion to China was the next step in a coherent line of events, after entering several Asian markets and opening a local office in Korea," Giovanni Valeriota, Director of Games Distribution at Bigpoint.

"We have several games in the pipeline for distribution in Asia and are looking forward to further launches in the region.”


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