Drakensang Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Currency Giveaway

By Michael Jamias
drakensang 5th anniversary event giveaway

Bigpoint is determined to make instant millionaires in Drakensang by giving away 200 million Euros worth of Andermant, the official mmo currency, as part of the game’s 5th anniversary grand giveaway.

Drakensang 5th anniversary event

The Drakensang 5th anniversary will span the entire month of August as developers shower loyal players not only with the aforementioned in-game money, but also with daily giveaways on social networks. For example, this week kicks off the bonus code madness giveaway where players will receive bonus codes which can be entered in-game to unlock free items.

A 5th anniversary event has been announced and it will reward participants with unique loot, visuals and other cool collectibles.

Developers were also keen on granting fan requests so this month will see the debut of an enhanced Full Moon event as well, complete with new quests to accomplish, enemies to vanquish and prizes to claim. Players will begin a new series of quests following the encounter of a two-headed witch in Kingshill’s Fairground.

Launched in 2011, Drakensang has attracted quite the following, rivaling other popular browser games at least based on its community size with more than 36 million registred players and thousands of active daily users, according to Bigpoint.


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