Drakensang News

drakensang 5th anniversary event giveaway
Bigpoint is determined to make instant millionaires in Drakensang by giving away 200 million Euros worth of Andermant, the official mmo currency, as part of the game’s 5th anniversary grand giveaway.The Drakensang 5th anniversary will span the entire month of August as developers shower loyal players not only with the aforementioned in-game money, but also with daily giveaways on social networks. For example, this week kicks off the bonus cod...
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Aug 10 2016
Drakensang Rise of Balor update launches August 26th
There's nothing quite like the infusion of new content and features that a major expansion to an online game brings. Drakensang players are going to enjoy such a treat later this month as the largest update for the browser mmo is released. Bigpoint has announced that the Drakensang Rise of Balor update will launch on August 26th.There's quite a bit of content in the upcoming Drakensang Rise of Balor expansion. There's the standard level cap i...
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Aug 13 2015
drakensang online new skill system preview
Drakensang Online is looking to receive a shiny new skill system with the Rise of Balor expansion dropping in August, and MMO developers showed off the key upgrades that will be rolled out in a fresh preview packet. The preview confirmed that Drakensang Online's new skill system is a complete overhaul of the old system. The new skill system has been converted to a skill and mastery system across all four classes in the browser mmo. The most not...
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Aug 01 2015
drakensang china launch plans
North American mmo game companies have long been pushing into China to get a bite of its huge market, but a European giant is also getting into the action. Bigpoint has secured a publishing partnership with Tencent -- the first for a European game maker -- to bring the massively popular Drakensang to China. Tencent will be given exclusive publishing rights for Drakensang. Tencent expressed confidence that Drakensang is a browser mmo that will ...
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Mar 31 2015
drakensang summer expansion
Drakensang is preparing to push out a huge content update -- dubbed its largest since the mmorpg launched -- which will see players explore a whole new continent called Lor'Tac, the World's Heart this summer. The design for Lor'Tac was inspired by Aztec and Polynesian culture, according to Bigpoint, and will consist of 10 new maps across a sprawling, dense tropical rainforest.On top of new areas to explore, fans can anticipate a power surge ...
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Mar 11 2015
drakensang kingshill
September was supposed to be the month of the Rebuilding of Kingshill in Drakensang, but it wasn't until late last night that the patch finally rolled out. Browser mmo, Drakensang hosted a huge event in February, titled, Attack on Kingshill, whereby the Royal Dracanian City took on a lot of damage. The besieged City withstood its trials, however and has remained, although most of it was left as piles of rubble. The city has remained a mess over ...
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Oct 01 2014
drakensang online mac beta client
Fans will be pleased to know that the Drakensang Mac beta client is now available to download at the action rpg's official website. The beta client for Apple OS X also supports easy Facebook registration for those who want to skip a few minutes filling up the sign-up form. “Our aim is to provide everybody easy access to Drakensang Online regardless of the operating system they use. We are very happy to invite Mac users everywhere to join our lar...
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Mar 04 2014
drakensang steam technician class
Don't underestimate the new dwarven Steam Technician class because he'll blow you to smithereens. Releasing with the R114 patch, Drakensang's fourth and newest introduced class wields an array of steam-powered weapons. The Steam Technician and the rest of the dwarves have mobilized from their underground mountain homes to defeating their ancient enemies, the hordes of the Dragon. United by a single cause to protect the world and all the innocen...
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Nov 07 2013
drakensang myrdosch expansion
New monsters and a big bad boss go on a vile rampage in Drakensang's Myrdosch expansion. Drakensang players venture into the namesake homeland of the dwarves, Myrdosch, in order to turn the tides and repel the advance of the Evil Dwarves. The Myrdosch expansion promises to embroil MMO heroes in the epic conflict of the dwarves, and pose challenges that will take them through to the new level cap of 45. This includes more than 100 new quests, 12...
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Aug 13 2013