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  • Drakensang: classes

    Drakensang: classes
    There are 3 classes in Drakensang Online. Spellweaver, it is....
    Drakensang: classes

    Drakensang: teaching

    Drakensang: teaching
    Clara gives our hero, MMOPlay, a quest and teaches him a new spell....
    Drakensang: teaching

    Drakensang: repair

    Drakensang: repair
    Our character brings up an overlay map similar to the one seen in Diablos 1 and 2....
    Drakensang: repair

    Drakensang: fireball

    Drakensang: fireball
    Magic missile is all well and good when attacking one monster, or 'the darkness'. But we need a fireball to deal with groups of mo...
    Drakensang: fireball

Drakensang First Look

Drakensang First Look

Drakensang Online is another MMORPG from one of the most popular MMO publishers, Bigpoint. Drakensang Online boasts some nice quality graphics for a free no download MMORPG. It offers a unique artistic style, in-depth character models and combat animations that rival even the best looking premium MMO games. Drakensang Online is said to be an epic browser-based games, featuring action-based combat, a huge variety of monsters, and hundreds of different quests.

Drakensang Online gives players access to 3 playable classes, Spellweaver, DragonKnight and Ranger. Each class takes a different approach to combat and progression, the Spellweaver relies heavily on magical abilities, while the DragonKnight and Ranger focus on melee and long-rage skills, offering 3 distinct ways for players to approach each combat situation. Each class has access to dozens of unique abilities, unlocking more as you progress through the game.

One of the best features in Drakensang Online is the game world itself, Anderworld. Drakensang Online offers a huge variety of landscapes, from scaling treacherous mountainous regions, to wading through eery swamps, all filled with a large selection of evil monsters and demons. The monster designs vary greatly and will give players the opportunity to fight toe to toe with huge dragons, dodge the spells of evil witches or retreat from a large group of mythical demons.

Drakensang Online includes hundreds of unique quests, with a heavy focus on an epic storyline that continues as you progress through the game. There are dozens of variety of quests, from simple MMORPG standard quests, to a more in-depth main story plot. Each quest offers a large variety of rewards, from in-game currency to experience points and gear.

Players can form groups of up to 4 to help smite the evil demons of the Anderworld. Combining cooperative play with the high-quality animations, beautifully crafted areas and brilliant combat system provided by Drakensang Online.

By Rachel Rosen


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