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Drakenlords is a free to play collectible card game developed and published by Everguild. Users have multiple options to play the game. They can play it in a web browser by accessing the game's URL on Kongregate, an online portal that offers free browser games from various categories. Drakenlords is also available as an app for Android and iOS devices. The content remains the same no matter on which device or operating system the game is played. Single and multiplayer modes are on the features list. Drakenlords players will discover lots of adventures where they match their skills against the computer. Multiplayer modes with ranked and friendly matches invite players to challenge each other.

The gameplay features traditional collectible card games features. Drakenlords players become warlords whose armies are built with cards. The game has a fantasy theme so players can expect to encounter creatures such as dragons and goblins. Warlords will use spells and other abilities to defeat their enemies. Drakenlords is a great card game that features easy to learn mechanics for new players and strategic gameplay for CCG veterans. Each month comes with a new challenge for multiplayer fans. They will compete in matches and try to climb the leaderboards to gain ranks. A season lasts for one month. Arena is another fun game mode. Players must defeat enemies using pre-made decks. Single player adventures provide a great way to take a break from competitive multiplayer while keeping the game challenging. Campaigns with missions allow players to discover a bit more about this fantasy world. Special events offer more single player content. As Drakenlords players complete missions they will increase their hero's powers. Customization options like hero abilities and other perks allow each player to design a one of a kind character. This system is also seen in MMORPG games. Boss battles are another feature borrowed from this genre. There are dozens of powerful bosses to defeat.

Getting cards is an important part of Drakenlords gameplay. Players acquire new cards by completing content. The rewards list for finishing campaign missions includes new cards and heroes. All warlords are unlocked by completing the single player missions. New players should focus on one hero to have a powerful character that is able to take part in special events. The game allows players to exchange cards for gold. This currency is used to get new cards. Drakenlords offers MMO player interaction. Users can challenge their friends to a quick match or test their skills against unknown opponents from all around the world. Matches take place in real time. Players can also use Drakenlords premium currency to get cards.

By Rachel Rosen

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