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    Dragons of Atlantis: destinies
    In Dragons of Atlantis, you can pick from 1 of 4 destinies....
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    Dragons of Atlantis: buildings
    Your buildings will increase production, your economy, or may just give you access to new buildings....
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    Dragons of Atlantis: items
    Speed up items can be purchased to help you establish your empire more quickly. You will be given a few during the tutorial....
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    Dragons of Atlantis: Research
    Research is needed to keep your civilization progressing. Agriculture will help me feed my people more easily....
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    Dragons of Atlantis: Inventory
    Items can be used to give you bonuses. If you want your troops to march faster, you can use your Trance March Drops....
    Dragons of Atlantis: Inventory

Dragons of Atlantis is a uniquely themed MMORTS game available to play on the Kabam MMO portal. Dragons of Atlantis is totally free to play and is compatible with all modern browsers, giving players the opportunity to dive into a fantasy themed world filled with the in-depth lore and history surrounding the legendary Lost City of Atlantis.

One of the most interesting aspects of Dragons of Atlantis is the unique approach to units and army management. If you're familiar with the MMORTS genre, you've probably seen dozens of games that allow players to build armies consisting of Cavalry, Infantry and Archers, but Dragons of Atlantis uses the fantastic lore surroundingthe fantasy world of Atlantis and provides players with a totally fresh approach to raising their army. Instead of the typical restraints that most MMORTS games have, Dragons of Atlantis allows players to build an army from a large number of fantastical creatures such as Giants, Minotaurs and Dragons, creating an army unlike anything the MMORTS genre has seen before. March into battle with hordes of mythical monsters, utilizing unique attacks and abilities to demolish your foes.

As the game title suggests, Dragons of Atlantis also features an innovative dragon defense system. Every city is able to tame, and train, its very own dragon, a vicious beast tasked with defending the city from the onslaught of attacking enemies. Dragons go through several levels of growth, from the egg stage right up to a fully fledged dragon.

As well as the large variety of available features Dragons of Atlantis is also home to a highly active, dedicated player base. There are thousands of players to interact with, whether you're just looking to chat or form a deadly alliance, you're never alone.

Dragons of Atlantis combines a unique MMORTS setting with mythical creatures, great construction options and a huge variety of combat possibilities to create one of the most exciting MMORTS experiences available as a free no download MMORPG.

By Rachel Rosen




Dragons of Atlantis lets you build an empire stronghold from scratch, and see it visually enlarge from a barren field to a bustling city.

In the free to play mmo Dragons of Atlantis, the sweetest satisfaction is in seeing your city grow to include homes, garrisons, farms and other buildings. That feeling of economic and military expansion is translated well visually. Sadly though, unlike in strategy rpg games like Civilization, there are no distinct building architecture for each of the four tribes in Dragons of Atlantis.

Dragons of Atlantis has four playable tribes, from left: Primus, Solerian, Amazon and Zolmec.

For example, a city founded by a player from the wizard-like Primus tribe will look the same as any other player from the three other tribes – the all-female warrior Amazons, the shamanistic Zolmecs, and the opportunistic Solerians. The only variety lies in arranging your buildings in a grid-style plot in and around your city.

Dragons of Atlantis has a vast unified map where all players vie for limited resource squares.

One of the biggest concerns for strategy fans is the user interface. Luckily in Dragons of Atlantis, it is well-organized and compact. Building wait times are displayed prominently and most menus are arranged around the perimeter to give you an unobstructed view of the map, field or city. There is no “master” control page though where you can make quick decisions on the fly. If you detest constant micromanagement, then Dragons of Atlantis is probably not for you.


This is one area where Dragons of Atlantis fails to shine. The browser mmo runs a very repetitive music track and not enough sound effects to break up the monotonous war beats pounding on your eardrums. You have the option to turn off the sound and play more pleasing tracks from your iTunes, and it is one you will probably avail by the first hour or so.


Dragons of Atlantis is set in the namesake world of Atlantis where civil war has erupted between four ancient tribes. Each tribe seeks to harness the all-powerful might of the dragons to defeat their rivals and remain the uncontested rulers of the land.

Dragons of Atlantis lets you choose from four playable tribes – Primus (shown), Zolmecs, Amazons, and Solerians – and allows you to name your avatar and city.

There is no grand plot line based on your tribe choice, only objective quests you need to complete which help raise your level and earn you more impressive tribe-specific titles. The nifty thing is even if even you somehow lose power through defeat in combat, the title you unlocked will still be yours to keep.

Quests guide your progress and give suggestions on how you can better expand your empire. If you're stumped for what to do next, just click the Quests tab.


Similar to other city-building mmo games, Dragons of Atlantis provides one week of complete protection from attacks, after which you will be vulnerable to player-led invasions. You start with a barebones city and build it up with houses, farms and factories. You will also need to train and amass an army to fend off the attacks of other cities.

There are a dozen or so buildings in Dragons of Atlantis, which can be upgraded to boost their specific economic and military contributions.

Constructing a building costs a certain amount of four main resources -- food, lumber, metals and stone. You can build structures as well around the field, which will help you earn resources faster. A lumber mill structure will increase your lumber accumulation per hour as well as your maximum capacity for lumber. Focus first on field buildings to stabilize your resource income, before starting to work on your city buildings.

Getting a handle on Dragons of Atlantis takes some getting used to especially if this is your first time playing an empire-building game. Tutorials are scant so you will need to manually go through all the menus to check out what they do and how they can contribute to your city’s growth.

As a general rule, you always need to have a Construction, Research and Training activity on queue. For example, you can be building new Homes to increase your population, researching Agriculture to boost food production for your growing populace, and training troops to shore up your city garrison. More advanced troops require advanced buildings and research to be unlocked.  

Dragons of Atlantis does not animate its combat, only sending reports of victory or defeat as well as the spoils of war, if any.

Troops can be sent to invade map lands that will bring additional resources and items to your empire, but this comes at the risk of their death if they are defeated in battle.

The first few hours of Dragons of Atlantis may suggest that it is just another typical strategy game that has you mindlessly amassing buildings and troops. But once you have hatched a dragon, the game takes a turn for the interesting. Suddenly, tactical considerations begin to bubble up: How should I develop my dragon? Where can I reclaim his armor pieces? How do I accumulate enough resources to level him up?

These questions can stump beginners because the game does little to provide answers. Instead, new players should ask guidance from the community and established alliances. The World chat located on the lower left corner is open to all and often serves as an advice helpline. Players can also apply to join alliances, which are groups of players dedicated to protecting each other. Alliances promise fast-tracked progress, but require long-term loyalty in return. Those looking to transition from casual play to hardcore dominance should consider applying to the top alliances.

The Dragons of Atlantis offers a lot of items which allow their city empires to grow on temporary steroids.

Cash shop items provide a host of speed building and combat advantages, but nothing that can’t be earned through grind. This system evens out the playing field somewhat because those who have less time to play the game can spend cash to get their building production times shortened, while those with plenty of time to play can simply wait for their longer building production times to finish. Often, it is the time-strapped players who splurge their cash to play catch up instead of “pay to win” their way to the top.

Unique Fun Factor

Dragons of Atlantis sets itself apart from other strategy browser games by cleverly incorporating dragons into traditional empire-building mechanics.

Dragons of Atlantis puts a novel twist to empire-building by putting dragon training at the center of it all.

There’s a nice twist to raising a dragon and seeing its power bestow boons to virtually every aspect of your city. This gives strategy fans a change of pace, while still retaining the core concepts that make empire-building addictive.


- Neatly arranged user interface, avoiding the clunkiness endemic among cookie-cutter strategy titles
- Thriving, closely knit community eager to help new players
- Dragons freshen up and surprisingly mesh well with typical empire-building mechanics


- Music and sound effects are painfully limited (sorry, no eargasms here)
- Requires constant monitoring due to lack of building queues
- Lacking in tutorials with beginners needing to seek other players for tips

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