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  • Dragon's Call 2: classes

    Dragon's Call 2: classes
    Choose from 1 of 3 classes in Dragon's Call 2....
    Dragon's Call 2: classes

    Dragon's Call 2: quests

    Dragon's Call 2: quests
    Quests can be completed quickly using the auto tracking system....
    Dragon's Call 2: quests

    Dragon's Call 2: allies

    Dragon's Call 2: allies
    Unlock, upgrade, and organize allies into different formations....
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    Dragon's Call 2: upgrade
    Refine items to upgrade your battle rating....
    Dragon's Call 2: upgrade

Dragons Call 2 is a fantasy browser based MMORPG developed by EverDream Studio and published on gamedp.com, a gaming portal operated by Ray Media Group. As members of Phio Alliance, devout followers of Goddess Ania and soldiers sworn to fight darkness, players will embark on a quest that will end only when freedom and prosperity have been restored to this corrupted land. In order to achieve all these tasks, players must complete story quests.

Each quest line unlocks new features, access to various game areas and character customization options such as skills and gear. Branch and daily quests are not mandatory but they help players get additional rewards. Dragons Call 2 has auto navigation so you don’t have to worry about finding NPCs or other quest objectives. Mage, Assassin and Warrior are the 3 classes available to Dragons Call 2 players. There is no visual customization but each class has male and female avatars. Gear type and important stats are the main differences that give each class a unique play style. Dragons Call 2 characters can fight using daggers, swords, bows and staves; equip pieces of armor for head, chest and feet and accessories such as rings and pendants (also called soulgear). All equipment can be enhanced through a process called refining that produces superior items. Characters learn skills and abilities that are used in combat. XP is normally gained through questing but Dragons Call 2 is a browser MMO that has multiple XP options. The Meditation system allows players to gain XP even when they are offline. Instances are another great way to get XP but they must be unlocked by completing an associated story quest. Pals are player companions unlocked when players gain enough Reputation. There are many ways to get reputation: by defeating world bosses, taking part in guild events, doing death matches and adventures or by sending flowers to other Dragons Call 2 players.

Gold is the main Dragons Call 2 currency used for training, equipment enhancing, buying items from vendors and much more. Gold comes as reward from most Dragons Call 2 activities but players can opt in to spend real money to get premium currency or VIP membership that will unlock even more game features. Dragons Call 2 is a free MMORPG no download that allows free players to access a great deal of content and features without acquiring premium options. It’s a casual game where player become friends and engage in various PvE and PvP activities, form guilds and chat. Dragons Call 2 has side scrolling mechanics, 2D graphics and casual gameplay style that make it a perfect choice for new gamers and people looking to relax a few hours in a great fantasy world.

By Rachel Rosen

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