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  • Dragons Call: skills

    Dragons Call: skills
    Dragon's Call uses a skill tree to progress your character....
    Dragons Call: skills

    Dragons Call: combat

    Dragons Call: combat
    You do not control your character during combat. Instead, pick your target and let your character do the work....
    Dragons Call: combat

    Dragons Call: character

    Dragons Call: character
    Your character screen is where you go to allocate skill points, equip gear, and check your quests....
    Dragons Call: character

    Dragons Call: store

    Dragons Call: store
    Merchants are the place to go for buying new gear and possibly turning in or getting quests....
    Dragons Call: store

Dragons Calls is one those quality, free to play browser games that share mechanics with both the MMORPG and MMORTS genres. Dragons Call is available through various gaming portals, can be accessed in over 10 countries and is published in dozens of languages. The worldwide support combined with the no-download setup and easy registration makes Dragons Call a great game to pick up and play.

Dragons Call includes many great features for a browser mmo, one being the Job system. Players are able to choose from a large variety of jobs, from pulling pints at the local tavern, to participating in blood thirsty duels at the arena. Each job pays hourly, but all have different wages and benefits. Certain jobs can even provide players with experience points. As each job is automated, players can choose to work and then log out while their character is still earning gold and experience points. Other interesting features include a Mentor & Apprentice system, a large variety of guild features and hundreds of unique quests to complete.

Dragons Call also features an innovative item and equipment system. Players are able to find items and pieces of equipment in various ways, and can then improve the items with a number of in-game systems. Firstly there's the item combination system, where players can combine various items into one stronger item. Second is the Equipment Refining system, players can attempt to improve the strength of their items at the risk of breaking it.

One of the most provocative features of Dragons Call is the player bot. Players are able to progress through the game while they're offline, using an in-depth and intelligent A.I that can perform tasks for them while they're not playing. This means you can always be moving forward, even if you cannot play for a few days.

By Rachel Rosen

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