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  • Dragonfable: dragon

    Dragonfable: dragon
    My first fight is a dragon?! Thankfully, he is just a flying mount. He will not eat me... today....
    Dragonfable: dragon

    Dragonfable: choices

    Dragonfable: choices
    Do I help? Or 'help?. I think he'll make a great projectile!...
    Dragonfable: choices

    Dragonfable: fight

    Dragonfable: fight
    Fights are turn based. Use your abilities or take a swing each turn until you or your opponent are dead....
    Dragonfable: fight

    Dragonfable: quest

    Dragonfable: quest
    Find new quests in town to gain experience, gold and other rewards....
    Dragonfable: quest

DragonFable is a free no download mmorpg, developed and published by Artix Entertainment. DragonFable story is set 5 years before Adventure Quest, another mmorpg developed by Artix Entertainment. Players have some options when creating a DragonFable character. They can choose a name and visual characteristics. Hair styles, colors and skins tones can be customized. The next choice is deciding upon a class. The 3 main classes are: Mage, Rogue and Warrior. Each class has 3 main stat categories. The defense stats are: melee, parry, dodge, block, pierce and magic. The offensive stats are: damage, critical rating, bonus and element. Then we have the 2 resistance stats: light and darkness. Each class has specific spells and abilities. After completing certain quests, players can train in advanced classes. Quests can be taken from various NPCs. After completing them characters get rewards.

Combat in DragonFable free mmorpg is turn based. Characters have pets or allies to accompany and aid them in battles. Dungeons are places where players have to fight stronger mobs and bosses. Usually, it takes a few mob packs before reaching a boss and clearing the dungeon. Players get XP when they defeat enemies. Each class has its own preferred weapons and armor. These are earned from quests and dungeons. Weapons and gear can also be bought but the most powerful come from rewards. There are plenty of quests to do. Areas have multiple questing hubs. Some of them have level requirements. DragonFable mmo has a PvP mode. Players can fight against each other. Winning PvP battles rewards the player with trophies. These trophies can be exchanged for special equipment. DragonFable has some events based on popular holidays. Hero's Heart Day is the equivalent of Valentine's Day. Mogloween is DragonFable Halloween. Christmas and Thanksgiving are also present in DragonFable. During these events, players can participate in all sorts of related quests and earn special items.

DragonFable has 2D graphics. They are not impressive but better than other browser games. The atmosphere is completed with sounds. The best thing about DragonFable are the weekly updates. That's an impressive feature for a free mmo. DragonFable has some premium features. Players can purchase Dragon Amulets for a price of $20 for their character. These Dragon Amulets allow them to unlock some areas and advanced classes or customize their appearance. A Dragon Amulet works for just one character. There are promotions for acquiring more than one Dragon Amulet. Another good part about DragonFable is that it can be played in short sessions. After logging in, players can travel to a quest area and jump into action. No matter you have half an hour or an entire evening, DragonFable will provide rpg fun.

By Rachel Rosen

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