Dragon’s Call 2 ushers in new Championship and Duel systems

By Michael Jamias
dragons call 2 championship duel systems

With the two new systems, Dragon’s Call 2 players are in for a competitive treat.

The Championship system gives level 70 players access to a nail-biting knockout round tournament. They will battle their way through the Top 16, Top 8, Top 4, the semifinals and then the grand finals.

Level 30 and up players will be able to view the Championship matches and keep track on who is dominating the competition. They can enter and view specific competitions just by clicking the new Championship icon displayed in the MMO user interface, and then bet on their favorite players for a chance at winning gold rewards.

Meanwhile, the Duel system provides a venue for players to deal with in-game conflicts. Tensions can flare up in Dragon’s Call 2, probably more so than other browser games, developers said, which is where the Duel system comes in to break the tension.

“Have any enemy with piled-up grievances? The Duel system will bring gamers a brand new experience. Gamers only need to click the role name of a player and select "Duel” to invite the target to fight; of course, the opponent also has the right to reject.”

Duel winners will be able to earn not only vindication but also a chance for rewards.


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