Dragon Pals claws into open beta

By Michael Jamias
dragon pals open beta

The free mmorpg no download game has also opened two new servers to host the influx of open beta fans.

The first Dragon Pals server will be an East Coast server, according to a recent blog update, and will be released at the same time as the open beta at 9:00 AM EDT (6:00 AM PDT) on May 3. The second server, meanwhile, will be an Oceanic server and will be unlocked a full 24 hours after the first.

Developers are reminding Alpha beta testers whose characters reached at least level 42 that they will be eligible to receive a special Welcome Back gift pack containing these nifty items:
- 5 Advanced XP Scrolls
- 200,000 Amethysts
- 300 Vouchers
- 2 99 Roses
- 8 Lvl. 2 Gem Chests

With the transition to open beta triggering a mmorpg-wide character wipe, the packs are meant to make the loss of high-level Alpha test characters less painful for Dragon Pals beta veterans.

The XP scrolls should provide a leveling boost, while the rest of the items can potentially power up the new character to breeze through the earliest trials.
The packs can be redeemed on either of the two new servers once a new character has been created.


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