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  • Dragon Pals: Classes

    Dragon Pals: Classes
    Choose between three classes: archer, mage and warrior....
    Dragon Pals: Classes

    Dragon Pals: Story

    Dragon Pals: Story
    Instead of throwing you into a world full of dragon's there is a story to their presence....
    Dragon Pals: Story

    Dragon Pals: Decision System

    Dragon Pals: Decision System
    Throughout the game you will run into events where you will need to decide the outcome....
    Dragon Pals: Decision System

    Dragon Pals: Combat

    Dragon Pals: Combat
    You will battle it out in a turn-basred system and level up and unlock new gear for your character....
    Dragon Pals: Combat

Dragon Pals Gameplay First Look

Dragon Pals Gameplay First Look

Dragon Pals is a side-scrolling free browser mmorpg developed by R2Games. This anime-themed game features players being able to have dragons for pets. The cuteness factor is high as everything is cartoonish in appearance. At the beginning of Dragon Pals, the player can choose one of three different classes to play. The warrior makes powerful attacks and can withstand great damage. Archers used ranged attacks to protect themselves from being attacked. Mages are masters of the elements and use magic to defeat their enemies. While Dragon Pals is free to play, players can purchase a VIP pack for the game that provides in-game funds and bonuses.

As with other games of this genre, Dragon Pals has the typical hubs where players gather quests where afterwards they venture into dungeons to complete those quests. Movement is handled by clicking with the mouse and you can click on a quest to auto-travel to its location. Entering an instance costs stamina, which is restored over time.

Players can adventure solo or alongside friends. If you want to engage in some PvP, you can enter the arena or fight in a cage match. Friends have an impact in Dragon Pals as they do provide benefits besides grouping. Each player has a farm that they can use to grow crops to yield xp and currency. Players can help out their friends through different farm tasks or, if they are feeling peevish, can steal crops from one another. Players can also gain servants to work on the farm temporarily by defeating them in battle.

Each class in this free no download mmorpg has their own specific skills, made up of three different types of skills: attack, support, and talent. Talents act as passive abilities. Players can only have one attack skill in a hot bat (which contains a total of three skills). Combat is done automatically so you will need to keep sure you have some good skill combinations in place.

The central feature of Dragon Pals are the dragon pets that a player can accumulate. Each dragon has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, which means that some may be more beneficial to one class than to the others. Dragons provide a boost to the player in combat and can become more powerful over time. The more you train your dragon, the better its stats will become. Players are able to morph their dragon, allowing them to influence the look of the dragon while also increasing its battle rating. You can also use dragon orbs to increase the power of the dragon pets. Naturally, players can have multiple dragon pets and decide on which ones are currently active.

By Jeff Francis


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